Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Child's Play

Child's Play has it all..a great indoor play area, parent lounge, kids hair salon, photo studio and classes galore. It's an excellent party space. The prices are very reasonable and if you just check it out you will become a member too.

I will say the management is rather rigid and not very friendly at all. If you don't buy a membership or pass you are chopped liver.

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VegasMom said...

I have to agree, we had a membership but cancelled after one month. The male owner yelled at me on the phone then actually called back to start it all over again! I was done at that point, all due to wanting to cancel.

Oddly my kids kept getting sick after going there - its odd because we had stopped going to ChuckECheese and the YMCA programs since we had a membership...it was most likely just bad luck.